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Welcome to Loa’s Concrete Inc.’s blog! Here on our blog, we will discuss our residential concrete, light demolition, and dumpster transportation services. Also, we will also talk about various tips, tricks, and essential maintenance for your concrete, and how to keep your concrete patios, sidewalks, and foundations in the best shape possible. With our experience in the industry, we want our customers to have as much knowledge as possible when it comes to maintaining their concrete or knowing when to give us a call to come help at Loa’s Concrete Inc.

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Since 2014, Loa’s Concrete Inc. has been the premier concrete contractors in Charlotte, NC. We have an unmatched set of skills when it comes to delivering quality concrete work, backed by our experience in the industry and reputation for excellent customer service in the Charlotte and surrounding areas. Our dedication to our craft, as well as a commitment to providing superior concrete, light demolition, and dumpster services to the Charlotte, NC, area is why we are many homeowner’s go-to resource. When you hear the name Loa’s Concrete, we have no doubt you will also hear about concrete services and their stunning results.

Check back to our blog periodically for the latest updates on us as a business, as well as any promotions, events, or news we have to share. If you are looking for the best concrete contractors in Charlotte, NC, give our team a call at Loa’s Concrete Inc. today at (803) 547-4064.