Warning Signs of a Crumbling Foundation

Fixing your home’s foundation is time-consuming, costly, and can turn your daily life upside down. However, there are telltale signs of when your residential concrete in Charlotte NCfoundation is on its way out, and you are in need of repairs. Here are a few warning signals that your foundation is crumbling.

An interior door suddenly stops closing correctly – One of the most common signs that there are issues with a house’s foundation is when a regular, normally functioning door stops closing all the way. Over time, your home will settle into the ground, and the foundation will set, which can cause slight movements to the structure of your home. However, if an interior door stops latching or does not close at all overnight, it may be a sign there are issues with your foundation being damaged, cracked, or uneven.

Cracks above a door start to appear – Another signal that there are issues with your home’s foundation is if cracks start appearing above your doors. Even if your house is older, there should never be visible cracking in the sheetrock or ceiling above a doorway, as this is a sign that your foundation is giving in. The cracks start to appear in your doorways when there is pressure from moisture on that part of the foundation’s wall, pushing the two sides of the doorway together to form a physical break.

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